MonetizeCoLB Program

Our Goal Has Been Met

Certificate Minimum Fully Acquired.
Full Multiplication has Begun.

Still accepting new participants. See Updates


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November 12, 2017: Trust and Tribal Membership Special Offer Extended

TO THE DEDICATED COLB'ERS WHO TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE $5000 SPECIAL OFFER FOR TRIBAL MEMBERSHIP AND TRUST STRUCTURE: Please email Judge Naidu at to confirm your enrollment in this Special Offer, so that we can send you the completed Trusts and Tribal Membership Certificates/ID.

$5000 SPECIAL OFFER for Trust Setup and Tribal Membership

We have had an overwhelming response and have extended this Special Offer until the end of December 2017.

Both the Trust and Tribal Membership must be purchased and paid together as one. There are NO payment plans or partial payments. They cannot be purchased separately.

Louis Neo / Chris Krishnan / Jerry Redmann NATIVE AMERICAN LAW & JUSTICE CENTER

A Microsoft Office Document file is available in the files section of this website called: 'DETAILS REQUIRED TO SET UP ASSET PROTECTION TRUST UNDER APPLICABLE LAWS OF THE LAND.doc' This document will help you prepare to set up your trust.

You must have an application capable of viewing document files on your device to view .doc files. OpenOffice.ORG is a great FREE alternative if you do not have Microsoft Office installed on your device.

Update: November 6, 2017 -- WESTERN UNION NO LONGER ACCEPTED | Credit/Debit Cards now accepted

ANNOUNCEMENT: Western Union remittances will NO longer be accepted for our programs as Western Union is involved in the underground black economy which promotes suspicious fraudulent activity.

Credit Card and Debit Card payments are now accepted. Pay By Card

Update: September 29, 2017 -- The Affidavit of Integrity (AoI) is NO LONGER REQUIRED

The Affidavit of Integrity is NO LONGER REQUIRED. Any other affidavits are no longer required. This has become necessary for the Judge to maintain his sanity. ANY question(s) about this issue will result in immediate expulsion from the Program. THAT is a promise.

Update: September 25, 2017 -- We are eminently qualified. Birth Certificates no longer required.

The Multiplier has accepted and validated all the learning fees thus far deposited for the ongoing multiplication in the IBOE PPP. We are no longer the 'new kid on the block.' NALJC/KVKV, with your participation, has been eminently qualified as accredited Finance Banking Industry Cambistry Participants.

Henceforth, the tuition fee for a choice of $250, $500, $1000, or $25,000 level will no longer require a birth certificate, death certificate, naturalization papers, nor a baptismal record. The payouts based on the multiplier effect will be similar as that outlined at

There is a window of opportunity now open to those ready, willing, and able to pay tuition fees worth twenty five thousand dollars each for a special fast-track PPP; provided three million dollars of tuition fees are accumulated for one PPP tranche. The yield will be five-fold for a one-time payout within 180 days; PROVIDED the required tuition fees are available. If preferred, the multiplier effect with yields for fifty years can be worked out similar to that outlined in Special classes three times a week will be held for this Training which will offer insights into the Finance & Banking Industry.

Additional important update: ==> The $100 tuition fee option is now removed. Admin fee is now $75 and the receiving bank fee is now $35. All additional fees must be included with your tuition fee payment.

Please see the Agreement in the files section: Agreement for Qualified

Update: September 17, 2017 -- Our goal has been met!!! More than 20,000 paid certificates have been acquired.

Our goal has been met. We are still accepting applications for participation including optional membership level upgrades -- this can expire at any time without notice. The multiplication has begun, so please standby for the announcement as to actual payout dates. To obviate the need of a thousand unnecessary questions, we recommend that everyone read and understand the 'Multiplier Effect' contained in the FILES section of In other words, we will NOT be entertaining or responding to any questions relating to the 'multiplier effect'.

Update: September 15, 2017 -- Judge Naidu

NOTICE: Henceforth Chris Krishnan and Louis Neo will be answering the emails and other questions and concerns - Judge Naidu has run out of breath (his words) and has gone into semi-quiet retirement. He expects the ETP and Top Ten Banks suits’ judgments to be actively purused for collections in the USA and funds disbursed acordingly. There will be no PILL Classes or any such events anymore but you are welcome to email us for updates and concerns…… and continue your PILL classes and COLB conferences as usual. The Judge is visibly and understandably fed up. He blames only himself. Announcments will be made as to MCOLB Payout. Judge will be incommunicado for obvious reasons. Anwar Bey and Larry Mabry will continue with the police power establishment effort.

Judge has left the country but he will be in touch with everyne through us - Chris Krishnan and Louis Neo. Everyhting is on track. We, Chris and Louis, will send you regular updates regarding the payout, but as lawyers we believe the Judge is very much on target urging all concerned to go all the way to collect on the two largest judgments - the ETP lawsuit and the Top Ten banks….500 armed enforcers will be required to seize the assets of these defendants. 25 USC 1301 is on your side, and nontribal law enforcement will have to “obey the law” as Judge would say. These two judgments will be the beginning of a significant pay day for all the MCOLB participants who have genuinely and diligently supported our cause. Before he flew off, Judge asked that we encourage and motivate all of you to do the neeedful and necessary to collect on these two huge judgments. 500 armed enforcers should not be a big issue as the pay off is attractive, lucrative and profitable for all concerned. Judge has made the way possible using jurisprudential judo and jujitsu - using the enemy’s strength to floor them - to seize the assets of the defendants. Louis and I believe this is not an impossible task. Thank you.

UPDATE: September 11, 2017 -- Membership Upgrades Available

The judge announced on the CoLB live conference call that we can now upgrade our membership to a higher level if we choose -- See update from June 26, 2017 for more information about membership levels. An email should be sent to the judge at for further instructions. In the email, give the judge your name and tell him that you want to upgrade your CoLB membership to a higher level. Give him your current level and the level to which you desire to upgrade. This offer can expire at any time without notice.

UPDATE: August 1, 2017 -- Tribal Police Force

Please send all resume/applications or requests for more information about the Tribal Police Force to
Larry Marby:
Anwar Bey:

UPDATE: June 26, 2017 -- CoLB Program and New Price Options/Membership Levels

The Multiplier and the Judge are in agreement to do the following to speed things up for the Birth Certificate /Death Certificate / Certificate of Naturalization/ Baptismal Record Program/ Midwife Attestation to Birth/ Program. We will now offer these options. This will make the program easier to enter for some people.
  1. Those able to pay the learning fee of $500 will receive $2 million per year for 50 years provided we maintain enough cash in the stash to keep compounding and multiplying.
  2. Those able to pay the learning fee of $250 will receive $1 million per year for 50 years provided we maintain enough cash in the stash to keep compounding and multiplying.
  3. Those able to pay the learning fee of $100 will receive $400,000 per year for 50 years provided we maintain enough cash in the stash to keep compounding and multiplying. ==> THIS OPTION IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - September 25, 2017
  4. Those able to pay the learning fee of $1000 will receive $4 million per year for 50 years provided we maintain enough cash in the stash to keep compounding and multiplying.
  5. Those submitting copies of death certificates at $750 + $50 admin fee + $30 receiving bank fee = total $830) with three witnesses NOT related by blood and who are able to verify relationship to the deceased will receive $2 million a year for 50 years. ==> THIS OPTION IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - September 25, 2017
  6. Those submitting copies of certificates of naturalization at $750 + $50 admin fee + $30 receiving bank fee = total $830) will receive $2 million a year for 50 years. ==> THIS OPTION IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - September 25, 2017

  7. You don't have to be a tribal member to join the MCOLB Program.
  8. Anyone from any part of the world who can evidence life is eligible for the Program once the copies of submitted certificates are verified and accepted and the learning fee is paid/wired.

UPDATE: May 1, 2017 -- What To Expect Before, During and After Payout

  1. Payout date unknown based on (2) below.
  2. 500,000 birth certificates being processed with their associated fees together with the existing 4630 Participants.
  3. Mother Trust is in place.
  4. Every MCOLB Member will be notified by email or telephone or fax as the case may be.
  5. The caller will identify where to send the debit cards after receiving your Instructions. You will be told where to send emails or who to call in HK. Written MoU will be in place based on what to expect.
  6. Contact would have been established between you and the Mother Trust through the Caller(s). Some may simply email or send faxes; some may call - it's their call, pun intended.
  7. DO NOT make big plans publicly and flaunt it ....
  8. Confidentiality truly advised, BUT do send your change of contact telephone or email or mailing address = best to send this to the Caller(s) from Hk who will process your debit cards and other requests. And yes, the Caller(s) know(s) what to do, what to expect. You need to be cooperative and quit irritating them with a thousand unnecessary "hold-my-hand" questions like "I don't have a telephone number, can you help me"? or "I don't have a bank account, can u help me"? The worst is "i have a post office box address, can u send me the debit card there"?. HOPE YOU GOT THIS....i wont be around to baby-sit anymore.
  9. Stay out of trouble.
  10. Get your Trust in place so that the Mother Trust can start doing what needs to be done.
  11. Two persons will be taking over from Judge Naidu who will retire after this tranche is completed, BUT other tranches will continue.
  12. Call Street (The Bank) will be ready and operational during this period. Mutual contracts can be entered into if you so wish. Call Street will ONLY ONLY ONLY do investment banking protocols. So, don't ask: "can I open an account with your bank, and can u send me check books, etc etc etc..."
  13. READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ before asking questions. Those asking questions beyond the scope of the above 12 Points will be ignored for good reason.

UPDATE: April 9, 2017 -- The 2 FOR 1 DEAL SUSPENDED!!

ATTENTION!! The 2 for 1 Deal has been terminated effective immediately, April 9, 2017. This is the decision of the Multiplier.

All 2 for 1 Deals previously submitted will be honored.

UPDATE, February 3, 2017

We have been cautioned that someone in our Group is planning to start a COLB Program of their own. You have the right to follow whomsoever you choose, but be wary and extremely cautious.

Judge Naidu wishes to caution you of the following:

  1. This person, or persons, will have NO access to a Multiplier in the USA, Europe or Asia because VERY VERY few are taken into their confidence; Judge Naidu knows all the major players in this protocol;
  2. This person has approached Judge Naidu for directions and instructions while pretending to learn as much as he can because now he has found a Group (you Colbers) he can target and manipulate for his own ulterior motives, SO BE CAREFUL;
  3. This person knows almost nothing about PPPs and he is not connected to anyone in Judge Naidu's circles as we have done our due diligence on this person;
  4. Their M.O. is to find smear campaigns on the Internet concerning Judge Naidu - there are tons of negative stuff written about Judge Naidu and let you read them like they are proof and evidence so that you will start doubting the Judge if you want to know about what happened in Fiji, go to and scroll down to FIJI FRACAS, and read the newspaper article from Fiji and the Magistrate Court's Order for Bail Conditions (read Item # 7 specifically as the the Judge's "crime"); they have used the Fiji incident to literally blacken Judge Naidu's name and reputation, but he prevailed;
  5. FINAL ADVICE: Lies have speed. Truth has endurance. A lie would have made three rounds around the globe before the truth can put on its sandals.

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MonetizeCoLB Program

Our Goal Has Been Met

Certificate Minimum Fully Acquired.
Full Multiplication has Begun.

Still accepting new participants. See Updates

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A Latin maxim - sic utere tuo ut alterum non laedes - advocates that "no one is to to use his property in such a manner as to injure that of another." THAT IS OUR MOTTO, and we wish, trust, hope and pray that the government will heed this timeless advice.

CAVEAT: The material you have read is jurisdictionally protected by ecclesiastical and tribal law as endorsed and validated by federal Indian law. The substance of the material is for educational purposes and practical functions. We are not dealing with paper money, fiat money or Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) although Participants prefer to exchange FRN for learning about the Birth Certificate Monetization Program. We are dealing with an aurum yield equivalent to the worth and value as prescribed by the Deposit and Credit Multiplier found in Barron's Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms All Participants are deemed to be accredited investors under Regulation D Section 501, Securities and Exchange Act 1934.