MonetizeCoLB Program

Our Goal Has Been Met

Minimum Goals Fully Acquired.
Full Multiplication Has Begun.

Still accepting new participants. See Updates

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As of November 23, 2017, our online payment gateway (Stripe) has stopped accepting payments from us. There were no complaints and no requests for refunds. Stripe gave no explanation for their decision. Payments are not accepted by credit card or debit card. The CoLB program is just fine. There is no reason to worry. You may continue to wire your tuition payments as always.

Enter the Monetize Program - Pay By Credit/Debit Card

The MonetizeCoLB program previously required the submission of certificates as evidence of birth. The multiplier bank thoroughly understood that everyone's net worth was substantial because of the birth inheritance that was fraudulently being withheld from us; thus making each of us a qualified investor according to Barron's Financial Dictionary. The number of entries we have had into the program has convinced the multiplier bank that submission of additional certificates is no longer necessary.

Directions - Please read and follow these instructions below

This payment page is presented as several subpages.
  1. Remember to check your member profile record to be sure all information is correct before making your payment. Your email address must be correct in your member profile record for you to receive your receipt by email. To check your member record, first login and then click on signup in the menu. On the signup page, you can make any necessary changes to your member profile record.
  2. Please sign out now if you are currently logged into this website or the payment process may not complete properly. After signing out, return to this page and continue. You will be asked at a specific point during the process to login again as you continue through these steps.
  3. Prepare your Agreement:
  4. Enter your data: Your member data is displayed. Pick the level at which you wish to enter. Choose your local currency.
  5. Checkout: The following information is presented to record and document your payment, 1) your member record, 2) the monetary level at which you are entering the program 3) your payment and Stripe fee. (The stripe fee is a fee charged by the credit card processor to process the transaction.)
  6. Pay With Card: When you press the Pay button, you are presented with a SECURE Stripe screen that talks directly to the computer servers at Stripe (Stripe is the online credit card processor). For your security our website does not see any of the data you present. We do not ever receive your credit card information. We do not store any of your credit card information. Enter your card number, expiration date, CVC number from the back of the card, and the zip code or postal code used for the billing address of your card.
  7. If your card is declined, it is highly likely that your bank is blocking the transaction because it is an INTERNATIONAL transaction. Please phone or visit your bank and ask them to allow this INTERNATIONAL transaction from Singapore to go through on your next attempt. The charge will come from Kinta Valley Knowledge Village. After calling your bank, you MUST attempt the transaction again. It may also be helpful to try a different card or to use a credit card instead of a debit card if the transaction failure/decline issue persists. Please do not contact the judge's law office for help with failed charge attempts. The law office does NOT attempt to solve technical website issues.
  8. Usually, your bank will also charge a small fee for international transaction clearing; approximately $3-$10 USD. This fee varies by bank and by the amount of the transaction.
  9. Receipt: You are presented with the results of the transaction along with the member data and payment data from the checkout page. This information is also emailed to you, KnowledgeVillage80a, and NALJC. This receipt is generated immediately by the server automatically. If you do not see it delivered in your email within a minute or two, please check your SPAM box. GMail users also look under your tabs for Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums.
report bugs under construction Please report problems with this process here on Facebook. We need more than 'it isn't working'. That doesn't give us enough information to help you. Please tell us what you were trying to do and the steps you took. Copy and paste the error messages or results you received.

If the problem cannot be so described, do the following so we can see exactly what you are doing and we can talk it through with you.

  • Install Skype, it's free.
  • Do an Echo Test call to make sure you can call another computer and talk. You may need a headset.
  • Send a Skype contact request to 'twidlar' and add 'MCoLB problem' in the message field.
  • When accepted call 'twidlar'
  • Talk
  • Click the blue + circle
  • Click Share Screen
  • Click Start to share screens
  • We will see your screen, but we do not have any control or access to your computer.
  • Show us and tell us what you are doing very slowly.
  • We will help to identify the problem.
  • You may have difficulty doing this on a mobile device. Try this on a desktop or laptop computer first, before calling in. You may be able to solve your own problem.

  • MonetizeCoLB Program

    Our Goal Has Been Met

    Minimum Goals Fully Acquired.
    Full Multiplication Has Begun.

    Still accepting new participants. See Updates

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    A Latin maxim - sic utere tuo ut alterum non laedes - advocates that "no one is to to use his property in such a manner as to injure that of another." THAT IS OUR MOTTO, and we wish, trust, hope and pray that the government will heed this timeless advice.

    CAVEAT: The material you have read is jurisdictionally protected by ecclesiastical and tribal law as endorsed and validated by federal Indian law. The substance of the material is for educational purposes and practical functions. We are not dealing with paper money, fiat money or Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) although Participants prefer to exchange FRN for learning about the Birth Certificate Monetization Program. We are dealing with an aurum yield equivalent to the worth and value as prescribed by the Deposit and Credit Multiplier found in Barron's Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms All Participants are deemed to be accredited investors under Regulation D Section 501, Securities and Exchange Act 1934.