Your birth certificate is worth millions
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  Gain Financial Independence and Freedom  

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Be Free To Do What You Want!

You can gain financial independence and freedom with no selling involved.
  • A trust will be set up for you.
  • It will have a debit card with a $1000 daily limit.
  • Arrange for larger purchases through the bank.

    The Generation of Funds By Multiplication and the 2-for-1 Deal Are Expained

    Judge Navin Chandrea Naidu explains how your Certificate Of Live Birth can get you financial independence.

    This program is available to all throughout the world. It is designed for the common man and woman who knows something is seriously wrong with this world.

    Learn how to obtain the resources to solve your problems. Then you will have time to learn in detail what is wrong and work in your community to help fix it and improve everybody's life.

    Learn how our program works. Enter your email address in the form to your right. You will be emailed a short essay on how Commercial Paper works. Next you can

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  • Let us awaken the world

    Update: MonetizeCoLB Special Opportunity

    In order to finish out the first round, and listening to the current members concerns about cost, MonetizeCoLB has established a special opportunity to join this wonderful program, 2 For 1, Two Birth Certificates for the Price of One.

    Here’s how it works.

    1. Two people, Party A and Party B, complete a package with one standard MOU, 2 Pledges and copies of 2 Birth Certificate OR 2 Death Certificate.
    2. Party A and B sign a private MoU developed by Judge Naidu, which is between the 2 private parties submitting their packages.
    3. This MOU is an agreement that identifies the two people as Party A and Party B.
      • Party A is funded 1st when the 20,000 BCs or DCs are obtained and payouts begin.
      • Party B is funded 2nd, in a relatively short period of time of about 30 days after Party A’s distribution.
      • Party A agrees to pay Party B, $5,000 upon receipt of funds to “carry” Party B for the period of time it may take to release Party B’s distribution.
      • MonetizeCoLB releases funds from Party A to Party B upon funding to ensure payment under MOU.
    4. Each person contributes $285 for birth certificates, $410 for death certificates, which will total $570 (or $820), $50 of which is the administration fee and the rest the program fee and exchange fee.
    5. The package are handled normally
    6. Funds are sent normally as specified by the WireInfo email.
    7. Party A is funded 1st (upon 20,000 certificates being acquired)
    8. Party B is funded within 30 days or less behind Party A.
    • Two people are funded with only one out of pocket expense of $550 or $800 plus bank fees and exchange funds.
    • MonetizeCoLB accelerates time to distribution with new members.
    • Model brings in 30,000 new members. The program survives and thrives!

    Learn how to be financially independent

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    Your birth certificate is worth millions
    Current entries: 4412
    (Updated periodically)

    A Latin maxim - sic utere tuo ut alterum non laedes - advocates that "no one is to to use his property in such a manner as to injure that of another." THAT IS OUR MOTTO, and we wish, trust, hope and pray that the government will heed this timeless advice.

    CAVEAT: The material you have read is jurisdictionally protected by ecclesiastical and tribal law as endorsed and validated by federal Indian law. The substance of the material is for educational purposes and practical functions. We are not dealing with paper money, fiat money or Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) although Participants prefer to exchange FRN for learning about the Birth Certificate Monetization Program. We are dealing with an aurum yield equivalent to the worth and value as prescribed by the Deposit and Credit Multiplier found in Barron's Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms All Participants are deemed to be accredited investors under Regulation D Section 501, Securities and Exchange Act 1934.